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Geiger original

Geiger original silver bars

Geiger Original – the most secure precious metal bars in the world

Geiger Originals are the new premium bars of Geiger Edelmetalle.

Elegant design meets security and quality within a square.

A perfect designed range of precious metal bars will be available in different sizes from the 1 gram bar up to 1 kilo in gold and 5 kilo in silver.

The bars are characterized by highest minting quality and clever & unique security features. We will provide a complete portfolio which provides the right product for every investment strategy.

We start with the 1 gram bars in silver and gold with different packaging units. We offer single packed bars within a capsule with certificate of authenticity, multicards with 25 bars within a big capsule and also an certificate of authenticity through to space-saving tubes with 30 bars.

The individual packaging make these premium bars an ideal gift and make them perfect for storage.

Geiger Original series
square bars Geiger Original Security features

Security features of the Geiger Original premium bars

The Geiger original premium bars are produced with exclusive security features that prevent the bars from potential counterfeiting and also support the concept of the design.

  1. minted obverse with pearl finish surface
  2. ribbed edge as is customary with coins
  3. textured reverse with high relief
  4. printed unique serial number
  5. UV-coating with the manufacturer‘s logo (visible with a black light)
  6. individually packed bars with certificate of authenticity and small bars up to 100 g are packed within a security capsule which can be opened by destruction only
  7. tube and wooden box sealed with security label

Geiger Original capsule and tubes

UV Light Geiger original